Ostensibly Ordinary - Pyongyang

Please take a look at the Ostensibly Ordinary Pyongyang.

Ostensibly Ordinary


  1. Mr Huniewicz has a commercial contract for paid phots (including photoshop renditions) sponsored by a Polish portal WP .... - he is not a genuine free-lance independent but a paid commercial hired gun. Worthless

  2. Panie Michale, wielki szacunek za odwagę! Za same zdjęcia ze sklepu można by - jak sądzę po ostatnio głośnej historii amerykańskiego turysty - wpaść w niezłe tarapaty. :-/ (Swoją drogą, że on rzeczywiście "pojechał po bandzie", jeżeli faktycznie zerwał jakiś plakat...)
    Tym bardziej, że zdjęcia są znakomicie skomponowane, a więc raczej nie mogły być robione "ukradkiem spod koszuli" ;-)
    Pozdrawiam i wracam do innych tematów - Pana blog ląduje na stałe w moich zakładkach :-)
    Mr. Michael, great respect for the courage! Only for the pictures of the store you would be - as I think from the recent famous history of the American tourist - get in big trouble. : - / (By the way, that he really "went after the board" if he actually tore a poster ...) The more that images are well composed, so they rather could not be done "secretly from under the shirt";-) Regards and I go back to other topics - Your blog lands permanently in my bookmarks :-)

  3. Hi Michal,
    I enjoyed your photo series from Pyongyang, but I think you have confused communism with socialism in the descriptions of your photos 'Volleyball game', 'Mural', and 'Oppression'. There's quite an important distinction between a socialist country, like Norway (for socialist architecture maybe Oslo would be a more accurate location), and a dictatorship calling itself a communist democracy.

  4. Hi Michal,
    I really enjoyed your photos concerning North Korea. You took a big risk at uncovering the dedegration of its people, at all levels. I am not a photographer, nor do I know how the business work. I say that beacuse I don't under satnd why you didn't hide the faces of these people, when exposing them to the worldwide media. Exespecially soldiers and workers? Maybe you didn't have a say, maybe you didn't think about it. I know that there have been few that have done what you did in North Korea. It's just the humanitarian in me thought, I hope none of these poor people get found out they were in these mans pictures.Since, the person running this goverment is so extreme. With that said, turly applaud your bravery for reminding the world what is happening in this place.

    Tia Davis

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