Tomcat extremely slow in debug mode

Hi there, a short piece of advice in case your Tomcat is running extremely slow in debug mode. The reason might be method breakpoints. The only way to help it is to disable them - at least I don’t know anything better than that.


  1. Gosh! Dude, you have just saved my life!! :))
    I wasted the whole working day today trying to figure out why my webapp suddenly became as slow as a dead snail in a debug mode. It became about 30 times slower and it completely blocked my work. I couldn't do anything. And it just blown my mind! 8 hours of head beating with no results...
    I've being hopelessly googling at midnight when I have found your post. Indeed, I happened to have a method breakpoint on some weird method which I most likely set unintentionally by some sudden mouse click. If I didn't find your blog then tomorrow morning I would be killing my Linux and installing Win7 (our company standard environment) as I am the only linux guy in our team and the only guy having troubles with the Tomcat in debug mode. That would be the end. My life would be over. But now I am rescued!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :)))

    1. Thanks Alexander. It's always nice to read a comment like that. :) Best of luck with your project.

  2. Hard to believe it, but you were right and saved my day. Thanks!

  3. Tomcat running slowly in debug mode is a problem that I've also run with. Have you looked over your gear, in particular the 6R89K - Dell 300-Watts Power Supply for Inspiron 530 531 570? Performance may suffer from a poor power source. To improve the responsiveness of Tomcat, additionally make sure that your JVM settings and application code are optimized for debugging.

  4. To improve Tomcat performance in debug mode, minimize unnecessary breakpoints, use code optimization tools, increase memory allocation, review codebase efficiency, and identify resource-intensive operations or bottlenecks to enhance responsiveness and address performance issues. New York State Divorce Process