Umberto Eco on PC vs. Mac

Hi there, I thought I'd share this nice article on PC vs. Mac written by Umberto Eco.


  1. MACS are pathetic they don't work half as well as a PC, I thought I was doing myself a favour my getting a mac, WAS I EVER WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING CRAP I hate MACS!!!! MY friend said give it a week, ya well it has been two fucking months and everything I've ever accomplished on a computer has gone to shit thanks to a fucking MAC.
    in the end, FUCK MACS that don't work, take if from some one who has spend $3000 on a stupid MAC computer, I could have bought a fucking car, FML well I guess you learn and move on right? Let's hope so....

  2. Umberto Eco, an Italian novelist and philosopher, passed away in 2016, and there is no record of him discussing PC vs. Mac. His works focused on semiotics, medieval studies, and fiction. Verified Complaint Divorce New York

  3. Umberto Eco, the renowned Italian novelist and semiotician, would likely approach the PC vs. Mac debate with a nuanced perspective, acknowledging the cultural and philosophical implications behind the choice of technology. He might view PCs as embodying the rationality and complexity of modernity, with their customizable hardware and wide array of software options, reflecting the diverse facets of human thought and expression. In contrast, Macs might be seen as embracing a more streamlined and aesthetic-driven approach, mirroring a desire for simplicity and elegance in an increasingly complex world.
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